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les trixteurs from heidelberg are more an art band than a conventional band ...


why? i'll tell you: the compositions on schweres wasser are (as the band in info tells us:) "mostly spontaneous improvisations to the lyrics of our singer". the music on this cd is far away from the spectre of the durp's main audience: german lyrics somwhere between criticism of modern society and "why should we care?". the problem of this cd is the music which simply goes by without setting a hook. a dynamic edge. you get psychedelic-monotonous music instead ... with soft alternative e-guitar and a percussion sounding like an 80ies homecomputer. sometimes schweres wasser appears like an rerelase of an underground production of the neue deutsche welle era. the music might be suitable for lectures and theatre-events ... but listening to it at home is a big challenge. 1 points

the cd can be obtained at (amongst others):
email: trixteurs@yahoo.de
don't forget to mention durp.com in case you order this cd somewhere!

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les trixteurs

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