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the nicest refusals of major record companies

  • elbtonal on 25.10.2004:

    thanks for your record. i don't know what to do with it. i do not understand it and i do not like it, personally.

  • yo mama's recording company on 27.06.2001:

    i have to say, we really had very much fun with it! above all the lyrics and the electronic gadgets are super! ... tell me if you want me to send your record back, because i'll take it home now, if it's o.k. for you ... keep your tail up: you are the good!

hatemails or guestbook entries, which touched our hearts

  • thorsten on 26.03.2004:

    your quality is of lowest level!!
    please let it be and don't torture our ears. you should think of the environment and save our ressources, with your waste.

  • cristina on 30.10.2001:

    siebenundzwanstigster oktober zweitausendeins:
    ein riß in der leinwand -
    die möglichkeit einer öffnung
    der kunstrichtungen, der grenzen.
    ein riß in der leinwand -
    die entstehung eines gesamt-kunstwerkes,
    eines grandiösen kunstwerkes.
    der kreis schließt sich.
    ihr wart großartig!

  • helga on the answering machine:

    trotzdem danke [mp3] 347 kb

    hello it's me. well, i just want to ask what i should do with these records you put in my bag. seems to be some of your music. nevertheless: thank you!

and what about the radio?

  • radio flora on 27.03.2005:

    the song "traumchoas" from the latest record was played on the show pop art radio - velvet underground and consequences

  • radio21 on 24.05.2001:

    i turn a blind eye in the rock von nebenan programme to give young talents a oportunity, even if a candidate does not fit our musical style (...) absolutely. however, the trixteurs are much too far away from our music; out of twelve songs i couldn't find one which is really playable on the radio.

  • radio okerwelle, braunschweig 2000:

    they played the song "das neue jahrtausend" during a report on the expo2000 in hanover

    part 1 [mp3] 367 kb
    part 2 [mp3] 874 kb

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